Maqui berries are native to the temperate Valdivian rainforests in Chile, where they are isolated from the subtropical and tropical forests. The tree grows up to about 5 ft in height, with many thin, felixible branches and has a smooth divided trunk. The leaves have serrated edges, grow small flowers each spring and after seven years develop small, dark purple berries that taste similar to a raspberry. The berries are harvested between late winter and early spring by local families who shake the branches to separate the berries from the tree. After harvesting, the berries are gently cleaned and sent to freezer storage where they are freeze dried whole under vacuum and cold temperature. The freeze dried berries are inspected before being milled in a humitidy controlled environment and sifted into fine powder before being packed.


Whole berries from maqui trees grown in the Valdivian rainforest in Chile.

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Nutritional specification

Product code OMAC
Name Aristotelis chilensi
Country of Origin Chile
Color Dark reddish brown
Appearance Fine powder

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