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Certified quality

Your peace-of-mind is our top priority. At Cambridge Commodities we are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality nutritional ingredients to make the best possible products, and we have the seals to prove it.

Our quality team is your quality team

Our quality mission starts by ensuring that high standards are met at every step in the supply chain, from origins within approved factories to arrival at our warehouse, then onto the customer to be manufactured into a finished product.

Quality at a glance 

Approved supplier base and auditing process

Rigorous external testing

Technical documentation 

3 industry-recognized accreditations and memberships


We are committed to meeting quality standards required from clients across a variety of industries and are dedicated to maintaining an up-to-date and relevant portfolio of accreditations to support this.


At Cambridge Commodities, we assure that our products maintain organic integrity throughout the supply chain. The environmental benefits of organic farming are well-established, and the organic seal gives shoppers the freedom to choose how their food consumption impacts the world.

Cambridge Commodities Inc has organic status, which means we have organic approval from both USDA Organic and Organic Certifiers for several of our products.


In order for a product to be kosher certified, it must adhere to strict manufacturing and packaging rules throughout its production.

A product that is kosher certified will bear the Kosher symbol on the specification, certificate of analysis and packaging

Fair Trade

We are Fair Trade certified. We believe in supporting products that come from farms that have been certified to provide fair wages and safe working conditions. Our farmers and suppliers must ensure that they follow rigorous environmental, economic and social standards during the production process.

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