Cambridge Commodities

The environmental benefits of organic farming are well established. At Cambridge Commodities, our focus is to create a sustainable future for generations to come.


We are working with our partner farmers to not only create a sustainable future, but a regenerative one too. We want to ensure that the next generations inherit nutrient-rich soils and biodiverse lands and empower current generations to live an economically more abundant life to raise and encourage future farmers.

We source from the most nutrient-dense bioregions for the health of our communities. With regenerative farming practices, these nutrient-dense foods will continue to be just that, and even improve for years to come.

Cambridge Regenerative highlights our suppliers’ holistic regenerative agriculture practices, including:

  • Ensuring soil and environmental health, increasing biodiversity, and organic matter over time through regenerative methods and carbon sequestering;
  • Composting, utilizing cover crops, crop rotation, and humane animal integration to build soil;
  • Appropriate land management to prevent deforestation;
  • Providing economic stability and fair wages for farmers, ranchers, and workers. Prevention of child labor and modern slavery.

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