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With 20+ staff at our headquarters in California, USA and an additional 100+ in the UK and EMEA, we continue to bring you the newest superfoods and nutritional ingredients to market and are constantly looking forward to supplying products that meet your consumers' demands.

Meet the sales team

David Cody Evans


Cambridge Commodities Group (California, US)

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I am a foodie to the core, nutritional science research zealot, and a dabbler in biohacking and human optimization, (however I still love a good pizza).  I came to the natural foods industry over a decade ago after many years in the advertising and business development industry wanting to contribute my energy to a better and healthier World. I’m Cambridge Commodities part time mountain man with an intense passion for nature and trying to re-wild myself, learning from and listening to the natural world around me. Pretty weird right? Residing in the great Pacific Northwest, I spend my warmer days playing competitive doubles sand volleyball, and when the temperatures drop you’ll find me lost in the woods seeking out my own food sources. I’m an extremely proud father of twin boys and strive to be an open, sincere, caring and compassionate human being. I’m always here to help! 

Benjamin Zanfagna

Director of US Sales

Cambridge Commodities Group (California, US)

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I came to the organic ingredients industry over a decade ago when I realized the importance of a health-promoting lifestyle after recovering from an injury as a collegiate hockey player. I have been passionately involved in the industry ever since. Beyond sales, I love helping and watching companies that I believe in develop and thrive. My passion for organic, high-quality ingredients also stems from a multi-generational love of food, having been raised Italian-American and still deriving so much joy from cooking slow, intentional meals for myself and my growing family. I thrive on the excitement of seeing our customers succeed.  I look forward to connecting!

Rachel Martin

Regional Sales Executive

Cambridge Commodities Group (California, US)

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Being in the Supply Chain and Foodservice industry since 2013 has allowed me to grow universally across multiple industries while actively managing National Accounts, B2B Sales, and Business Development. My heart has always been in the health industry since high school, so coming to work for Cambridge Commodities in early 2022 has truly been a dream come true. 

I am beyond thankful for the opportunity daily to work with customers that share the same purpose I do; helping make health and wellness a fun, accessible, and convenient lifestyle across the world. With my experience involving extensive customer service and account managing, along with my outgoing personality, I have developed a strong passion for my customers, their needs, their vision, and helping them personally and professionally achieve their goals.

When I am not behind my computer, you will find me spending time with my boys outside, playing cards, board games, and puzzles, or reading when I can find a quiet moment. My passion for a healthy lifestyle trickles into my daily life from going to the gym, staying hydrated, movement throughout the day, intentional eating, taking the adequate supplements for my individual needs, and getting enough sleep. 

Healthy living can look different to so many, therefore I strive to support others’ choices and desires. That is something here at Cambridge Commodities I have felt and seen; we support each other’s goals and purpose. CCI has an atmosphere comprising courage, growth, excellence, togetherness, hard work, healthy balance, and innovation. Now our goal is to live out our culture daily to make a difference in our customers' lives for the better. 

Matthew Liebenauer

US Sales Representative

Cambridge Commodities Group (California, US)

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With an affinity for holistic health since I was a child - I’ve made it my life’s work to share the power of raw, living foods with the world around.

Since graduating college, I’m blessed to have acquired a wealth of experience studying & working with superfoods on both a personal & professional level.

Having worked with organic & regenerative ingredients in both food service & distribution as well as from the perspective of a business owner, I have a diverse understanding of the high-quality products restaurants & CPG brands wish to purchase and also what it takes to market them effectively to the industry.

I aim to add value, efficiency and the highest quality of service with every interaction – from concept to completion, & thereafter.

As your dedicated ingredient supplier, I am devoted to serving the success of your brand and assisting in all the ways that I can to bring your visions to life.


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