Hemp Seeds- Hulled

Organic Hemp seeds come from Canada and contain a healthy 5 grams of protein per serving along with trace minerals of zinc, magnesium and iron. Hemp Seeds also contain beneficial Omega Fatty acids that support your health. Incorporating Hemp Seeds into your daily routine is easy and makes for a delicious and nutritious snack.






Grown throughout Canada, our hemp thrives in moist environments with heavy rainfall. The plant usually grows between 2-4 meters, the taller, stalky plants are used for fibers, and the shorter plants with more branches are used for seed cultivation. The seeds are picked and then sent to remove the crispy outer shell, revealing the light, nutty-tasting seed inside.


Grown, processed and packaged entirely in Canada. A network of artisan independent organic farmers each contribute seed crop to make up the bulk of the hemp seed harvest in Canada, the starting material for hulled seed and hemp protein powder. Farms of choice are primarily located in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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Nutritional specification

Product code HST
Name Cannabis sativa
Country of Origin Canada
Color White, yellow and green seeds
Appearance Round seeds

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