Golden Berries

Organic Golden Berries are grown on the lush, sloping hillsides of the Northern Peruvian Highlands. Handpicked and gently dried by local family farmers, this tart and chewy superfruit, know locally as the "Inca Berry" makes for a highly nutritious snack.


Green Apple | Citrus Rind | Sweet


Golden Berries are native to South America's high altitudes and have been carefully grown by families for generations. While the berry grows, it is enclosed in a husk that protects it from the outside environment. The husk starts out dark green in color and as it ripens turns to a golden shade of yellow, this process can take up to four months to complete. When the berries are ripe, they are picked by hand, peeled from the calyx and sent to be washed. Since the golden berry is so well protected by the husk, the fruit needs minimal washing before being laid out to dry. In small batches, the berries are dehydrated at super-low temperatures (under 113 degrees), just enough to remove excess moisture and preserve the natural flavor and nutritional content. The final result is sweet, tart and chewy berry.


Peru borders Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, the Pacific Ocean and covers almost half a million square miles of western South America. The climate can range from arid on the coastal regions to tropical in the Amazon and is home to over 21,00 species of plants and animals, making Peru extremely biodiverse.

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