Matcha Powder

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Matcha starts its life as young green tea leaves, but the growing process and harvesting techniques make it unique. About three weeks before harvesting, the leaves are shade-grown which slows down the growing process and stimulates an increase in the chlorophyll levels. During this time, the leaves turn dark, produce more antioxidants and amino acids, particularly L-Theanine. When the leaves have developed enough, they are carefully selected for quality and harvested individually by hand. The leaves are then laid out flat to become dry and crumbly, if they are rolled up before drying they result in a different type of tea. After the leaves have dried they are destemmed, deveined and stone-ground into a bright green powder. If the stones get too hot while grinding they will negatively affect the aroma of the leaves which makes the process slow, sometimes taking an hour to grind 30 grams of powder. The bright green powder is then carefully packed and stored at low temperature to preserve flavor, antioxidant levels, and nutritional content.


We found our matcha growing in Kagoshima, Japan which is also known as Sakurajima, an active volcano. The volcano is responsible for the mineral rich soil our matcha grows in. Overseen by a highly skilled craftsman, and one of only 13 masters who have been certified as a high level Tea Maker in the last 60 years, our tea plants are grown and tended to bring out the highest potential of the matcha.

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Nutritional specification

Product code USF_MATCHA
Name Camilla sinensis
Country of Origin Japan
Color Green
Appearance Powder

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