Organic Goji Berries


Goji berries are relatively easy to grow, but there are a few variables that set ours apart from the rest. Goji berries have been conditioned to grow in harsh climates and the resulting fruit is much more flavorful and nutritious. The remote areas of the Qinghai Province are perfect and they naturally receive clean air, plenty of sun and pure, uncontaminated water. The berries are only harvested once per year, a process that takes place between August and October. Each berry is handpicked and gently placed in bamboo baskets before being transported on a scooter twenty minutes away to nearby facility. Cleaning and drying goji berries must be done quickly upon arrival. The berries are washed with a mild organic solution, rinsed with clean water and laid out to dry off. Under close supervision, the berries are "baked" in small batches at low temperature to ensure that just enough moisture is removed. When the berries are dry they are weighed and sorted by size. We've tested each size and originally thought the largest berries would be the best but realized that the second to largest size were superior in quality and taste. These are the ones we chose and their amazing flavor, texture and nutritional content are packed just for you.


Located northwest of China, the Qinghai Province spreads across the high altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau. As a result of its geographic location, temperatures range from 0 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit annually. Harsh winds, plenty of sun and the arid climate contribute to making plant life strong, resilient and well, super.

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Nutritional specification

Product code DGNO
Name Lycium barbarum
Country of Origin China
Color Red/orange to Red
Appearance Oblong

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