Coconut Oil

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We've found that the best coconuts in the Philippines don't grow in one specific place, they grow everywhere and we find them. Our extra virgin coconut oil is a blend of Philippines' best and is never subjected to heat so the natural flavor and aroma can do all the talking.


Nutty | Tropical | Smooth

Prop 65 Notice: WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


We've found that the best coconuts grow in tropical climates where they can soak up the sun and rain. After about ten years in these sandy, yet nutrient rich soils they begin to produce coconuts, hitting peak production at about two decades. There's a particular point after the outside of the coconut has turned from bright green to yellow when the inside becomes a thick, nutrient-rich, flavorful meat. Once ripened the coconuts are cut down individually and sent to be washed, husked and peeled. To utilize as much of the coconut as possible the husks are saved, and their fiber is used to produce items such as clothing and tableware. Each coconut is then sliced by hand then sent for a quick rinse/wash. Most processors will heat and refine the dried coconut meat, resulting in an inferior oil. We use only fresh coconut meat and absolutely no heat, ever. In our process, the coconut meat is shredded and placed in a centrifuge machine that spins at high speeds to separate the oil from the water. Once the oil is separated, we filter it to remove bacteria and microbial growth. The first filtering process removes any remaining solids; the second purifies the oil and the third clarifies the oil, leaving it perfectly cloudy.


Located southeast of China, the Philippines are made up of over 7,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The soils are nutrient dense from frequent volcanic eruptions and are complemented by rivers, lush rainforests, and mountains.

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Nutritional specification

Product code COO/COOT
Name Cocos nucifera
Country of Origin Philippines
Color Clear or white
Appearance Viscous liquid/solid

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