Agave Syrup

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The high altitude of mineral-rich soils in Mexico is home to our blue Agave plants. When the plants have matured, the sap is centrifugally extracted and double filtered at low temperatures, without the use of chemical, to preserve the natural integrity.


After picking, the piña is then cleaned and pressed for the juice. The agave juice is “cooked” or hydrolyzed which turns the juice into sweet nectar. When the juice is heated, the inulin turns into fructose and thickens until syrupy. The filtering process that takes place afterward determines the final product's flavor and color. The more the Agave is filtered, the lighter it is in appearance, while less filtered agave contains more plant solids, giving it a distinct amber color.

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Nutritional specification

Product code ANC
Name Agave tequilana
Country of Origin Mexico
Color Extra Light (per colorimetry scale)
Appearance Viscous liquid

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