Pea Protein Powder

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Pea Protein powder comes from China, is a great source of protein and is gluten and dairy-free. The amino acid profile is great and includes a lot of branched-chain amino acids to help reduce muscle fatigue after exercising.



Our peas are grown throughout Canada where the peas prefer the temperature. The peas grow on small vines that coil around supports and grow between 1-2 meters in height. The stems of the plant are round and hollow with a waxy coating and produce self-pollinating flowers that develop into pea pods. Since the protein content is considerably higher when left to dry out, we harvest our peas after they have matured. When the pods are dry the peas are harvested by hand, cleaned and sent to China to be processed. After cleaning, the peas are separated from the pods, soaked, crushed and strained to remove the liquid from the starches and fiber. This results in about 80% protein after being dried and screened for contaminants. Amino acids are both recognized and absorbed by the body in any form and digested as easily if not better than a whole food protein. Since there is little carbohydrates and fiber for the body to breakdown, it is able to utilize the proteins more efficiently. While pea protein is a great source of the amino acid lysine, it does not offer a full profile and is best taken with another plant based protein such as hemp or brown rice protein.


From peas grown throughout rural areas of Canada, where soils are clean and the air is pure.

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Nutritional specification

Product code PEA
Name Pisum sativum
Country of Origin: China
Color Light cream
Appearance Powder

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