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Peruvian Maca root, related to horseradish, is a nutritional powerhouse used for centuries by indigenous populations to promote fertility, energy and virility. Maca is grown on Peru's Junin Plateau, at over 14,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, where pristine air and rugged soils provide the perfect microclimate for developing hearty, potent rootstock. The small turnip-shaped roots are tended to and hand-harvested by local family farmers, whose ancestors centuries ago were the first to master the art of cultivating maca root and preparing it for consumption.

  • Helps boost energy, stamina and vitality
  • Thought to promote fertility and libido
  • Supports immunity and hormonal imbalance
  • Antioxidant properties



Maca grows in cold environments at high elevations between 12,500-14,400 feet. The plant starts developing in the fall and extremely resistant to frost, strong winds and the amount of sun it receives until it's harvested in the late spring. Since the environment is so extreme, most pests and weeds are unable to survive and the maca doesn't require any herbicides or pesticides. As the maca grows it sprouts long frilly green leaves at the soil surface and develop roots underground. When the maca has matured is resembles an off white turnip and is slightly sweet and bitter in taste. All the harvesting is done manually as it has been for years, with the leaves being left in the fields for livestock and fertilizer while the roots are sundried and can take up to two weeks to reach the desired moisture levels. After the roots have been dried, they are cleaned, ground and sifted into a fine powder.


Produced from organically cultivated whole maca root, grown by independent farmers in Peru. Sliced, dried, and milled to a uniform powder, without addition of carriers or flow agents.

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Nutritional specification

Product code MAP
Name Lepidium meyenii
Country of Origin Peru
GFSI/GMP Status 3rd Party Audited
Color Light beige to beige
Appearance Fine powder

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