Haskapa Berry Powder

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Haskapa began as a group of like-minded entrepreneurs growing Haskap Berries in Nova Scotia in 2011. The focus was on natural farming, especially soil health and the result has been a direct impact on the quality, taste and health of the berries grown. Created and manufactured by Haskapa, freeze-dried Haskap Berry Powder is made from 100% pure, natural Haskap Berries. The powder retains vital polyphenol antioxidants, nutrients and the distinctive tangy flavour of this rare new super berry.

The berry powder is suitable for all powder blend applications, can be incorporated into snacks, beverages and foods. It is very diverse and has a great taste profile. A daily serving is akin to eating a handful of berries and is a quick and easy way to increase your regular anthocyanin intake.


Going above and beyond the standard berry mixes, our Haskapa powder is a completely new offering, allowing you to innovate within the natural antioxidant space which has seen the same fruits take centre stage for a long time. Not only is this berry new to mainstream cultivation it contains large quantities of anthocyanins that are the beneficial active contained within. The large quantities allow for both low dose and high efficacy within finished products.

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Nutritional specification

Product code P12654
Name Lonicera caerulea
Country of Origin Canada/Poland
Color Blue to purple
Appearance Powder

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