Coconut Flakes

We've found that the best coconuts in the Philippines don't grow in one specific place, they grow everywhere and we find them. Our shredded coconut is a blend of the Philippines' best and is never subjected to heat so the natural flavor and aroma do all the talking.


We've found that the best coconuts grow in tropical climates where they can soak up the sun, get fresh rain and live in sandy, yet nutrient-rich soils. After the trees have lived about 10 years, they begin to produce coconuts and hit peak production around 20 years old. Our producers know exactly when to harvest. There's a specific point after the outside of the coconut has turned from bright green to yellow and the inside starts changing into thick, nutrient-rich and flavorful meat. When the coconuts have transformed they are cut down individually with hooked blades attached to long pieces of bamboo. After the coconuts are harvested they need to be washed, husked and peeled. With the intention of utilizing all the material, we searched for and found a facility that husks all the coconuts for their fiber and saves it for various uses, clothing, tableware, etc. Each coconut is then peeled and sliced in half by hand then sent for a quick rinse/wash. Once the coconut meat has been removed from the shell, it is thoroughly cleaned and grated into fine ribbons. The thin slices of coconut are then gently dried in small batches to remove excess moisture that can promote microbial growth. When the coconut ribbons are the perfect texture, they are removed from the drier and remain unsweetened (because there's nothing to hide) to highlight their natural flavor.


Located southeast of China, the Philippines are made up of over 7,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The soils are nutrient dense from frequent volcanic eruptions and are complimented by rivers, lush rainforests and mountains.

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Nutritional specification

Product code CFCP
Name Cocos nucifera
Country of Origin Philippines
Color White, light creamy white
Appearance Fine flakes

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