Chlorella Powder

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Organic Chlorella is cultivated in Taiwan using pure nutrient-rich water, in a carefully controlled certified organic system. Our Chlorella is then dried and packaged without the addition of preservatives or other agents, with care taken to protect quality and nutrients.


Chlorella is a single celled organism that converts sunlight into dense, green proteins, vitamins and minerals. The chlorella is grown from an organic seed culture that is mixed into clean, filtered water. This mixture initially cultures for two days, is cultivated indoors for three days and moved outside for five to six days. Nutrients are added the pond where it develops for an additional two days before being harvested. After harvesting, the chlorella goes through multiple filters where the water is removed and it is high pressure released which opens chlorella's cell wall before being dried and sifted into a fine powder. Each batch is laboratory tested for bacteria, heavy metals and pheophorbides.


Taiwanese organic cultivation and processing facility, specializing in premium chlorella. Outdoor covered ponds, which also allow in intense nutrient-generating and growth-promoting rays of natural sunlight. Processed and packaged with no fillers or processing aids, in an indoor organic certified facility.

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Nutritional specification

Product code CHOP
Name Chlorella pyrenoidos
Country of Origin China
GFSI/GMP Status 3rd Party Audited
Color Dark green
Appearance Fine Powder

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