CellFlo6® is a patent-pending green tea extract that stands out as a revolutionary new ingredient for the adaptogen market.

  • Stress protection
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Cellular support
  • Immune support
  • Blood flow and recovery
  • Metabolic support
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Versatile application in products
  • Natural and sustainable 
  • Potential synergy with other adaptogens 

Suitable for a range of applications such as capsules, RTD energy drinks and functional food and beverages.

CellFlo6® is a versatile, scientifically backed solution that aligns with the multifaceted demands of modern health-conscious consumers. From supporting the body’s key operating systems to innovatively enriching functional foods and beverages, its broad spectrum of benefits resonates with diverse consumer needs. Its natural origin, versatility across product formats, and scientifically backed functionalities position CellFlo6® as a perfect fit in the adaptogen marketplace, poised to lead the way in wellness innovation.

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Nutritional specification

Product code P17391
Name CellFlo6®
Country of manufacture India
Color Green to brown
Appearance Hygroscopic powder

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