Camu Camu Powder


Camu camu comes from a small bushy tree that lives in the Amazon rainforest. The tree requires plenty of water and prefers growing along the river banks and flooded areas of the forest. As the tree grows, it develops flowers with small waxy white petals that emit a sweet aroma. While the tree matures, the flowers turn into camu camu fruits, roughly the size and shape of a large grape with a purple, yellow skin. When it’s time to harvest the camu camu, the river floods the trees and the fruit is picked by hand, directly into a boat. The berries are washed and sundried to preserve their nutritional content (drying them any other way significantly destroys their vitamin C). When the whole fruit is completely dry, we grind it into a fine powder that’s packed with vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients.


Fully ripe whole camu camu fruit, from bushes along the Amazon River

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Nutritional specification

Product Code CCP
Name Myrciaria dubia
Country of Origin Peru
GFSI/GMP Status 3rd Party Audited
Color Brown
Appearance Fine powder

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