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Trends at Natural Products Expo West 2024

Trends at Natural Products Expo West 2024

Natural Products Expo West 2024 in Anaheim, CA showcased an array of trends shaping the natural products industry. Here are the top 10 key observations and takeaways from our team:


1. Regenerative organic and biodynamic: The focus on Regenerative Organic practices emerged as a prominent trend, emphasizing sustainable agriculture and community enrichment. Biodynamic products also gained traction, albeit at a slightly slower pace. The buzz around regenerative farming is continuing to prevail as a top trend.


2. Functional ingredients and adaptogens: Products incorporating functional ingredients and adaptogens remained a major player, catering to consumers' desire for holistic wellbeing and targeted health benefits.


3. Gut health: Brands spotlighted prebiotic and probiotic fiber for gut health, responding to the growing interest in the gut-brain axis and the demand for digestive-friendly options.


4. Diverse beverage landscape: Functional beverages dominated the show, featuring a myriad of options like RTD beverages with L-Theanine, mocktails, and hydration drinks. Nootropics, adaptogens, and nutraceuticals infused the beverage market with innovative formulations.


5. Innovative alternatives: Companies reimagined classic, "unhealthy" products using nutrient-dense alternatives, catering to consumers seeking guilt-free indulgence, intentional snacking, and on-the-go nutrition.


6. Functional mushroom boom: Functional mushrooms found their way into various products, capitalizing on their perceived health benefits and versatility. This is a massive trend that appears to be limitless.


7. Alcohol alternatives: The rise of alcohol alternative beverages featuring ingredients like L-Theanine and GABA reflected shifting consumer preferences. We also noticed alcohol-free bars opening in LA.


8. Plant-based options: Additionally, plant-based meat and dairy alternatives continued to expand, offering alternatives such as dairy-free cream cheese, plant-based burgers, and creamers.


9. Sustainability and responsibility: There was a noticeable trend towards sustainability, with companies adopting regenerative practices, carbon neutrality, and eco-friendly packaging materials to align with consumers' growing environmental consciousness.


10. Consumer education: Brands recognized the increasing consumer awareness regarding ingredient sourcing and product transparency. This led to a focus on clear labeling, catering to various dietary restrictions, nutritional preferences, and ethical considerations.


Natural Products Expo West 2024 highlighted a dynamic industry landscape characterized by innovation, sustainability, and a deepening commitment to holistic wellbeing. If you'd like to capitalize on any of these trends, you can reach out to our team below!

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