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Shipping and transportation update

Shipping and transportation update

Effective February 1st 2021, adjustments have been introduced for the pricing of key Cambridge Commodities products. This is due to a recent spate of shipping and transportation challenges that have had a widespread influence on several aspects of the supply chain.  

While we strive to always ensure our customers are given the highest quality of service and support, we can only cooperate with both them and our suppliers to guarantee that every stakeholder is being accommodated when circumstances are beyond our control. That is why we are endeavouring to explain the situation the market is facing so that you, the customer, can make informed decisions that will hopefully minimise inconvenience.  

The increases in cost throughout our product line are the result of the following outside factors:  

  • The expiration of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) program on January 1st 2021 imposing general import fees on previously GSP-eligible goods that were subject to discounted shipping prices.  

  • The COVID crisis skewing the nutritional ingredients market by creating increased demand while also slowing the production of supply.  

  • Recent decisions by major shipping companies to introduce premium bookings for cargo, often forcing non-premium shipments to be postponed to later vessels.  

  • The congestion of major Ports creating subsequent trucking delays.  

  • A rise in shipping rates that has seen some services inflated by up to three times their standard price points.  

We understand the importance of timely dispatch to your business and would like to help you navigate these obstacles going forward. If you would like to limit delays, please contact your account manager with advanced POs so they can process your orders as quickly as possible.  

Thank you 



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