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The Demand for Organic Products Continues to Rise

The demand for organic products is on the rise as consumers continue to put the premium, clean label positioning of the product before its price. Purchases are being driven by ethical and health concerns which has prompted manufactures and retailers to respond by producing more organic products.

Popular organic products range from fresh fruit and vegetables to dairy and functional ingredients. Organic positioning is about premium quality and the growing sales indicate a strong consumer acceptance for organic products. Soil Association Organic reported that sales reached an estimated £2bn by the end of 2016. In addition to this Tesco recently reported that their organic sales have been the highest in ten years across multiple items.

At Cambridge Commodities we supply a wide range of Soil Association Organic approved products from acai juice powder to hemp protein powder.

Nanci-Marie Smith, purchasing assistant at Cambridge Commodities said: “Organic means higher levels of animal welfare and lower levels of pesticides. Organic materials are not manufactured with herbicides or artificial fertilisers and are more environmentally sustainable due to the management of the land and natural environment.  In addition to this, organic produce is often fresher and richer in nutrients.

"At Cambridge Commodities, we have seen an enormous growth within the organic market with our list of certified products growing from 15 to 52 in less than six months and is still continuing to grow rapidly.  Our product development team is always coming up with innovative ideas for organic foods, drinks and supplements allowing us to stay on trend and deliver great products to our customers.

Our close relationship with the Soil Association ensures that we are always in the know on any amendments to EU organic legislation. This, combined with our current quality systems ensures that we are providing our customers with the best quality organic products.”

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