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Innova Top 10 Food and Drink Trends for 2018

Innova Market Insights has revealed its top ten food and drink trends to look out for in 2018.

  1. Mindful choices
  2. Lighter enjoyment
  3. Positively processed
  4. Going full circle
  5. Beyond the coffeehouse
  6. Say it with colour
  7. Dining out, in
  8. From snacks to mini meals
  9. Ocean garden
  10. Bountiful choices

Mindful choices – As consumers become increasingly conscious about the food choices they make, manufacturers and brands are expected to be more transparent about the origins and processing methods of their food and beverages.

Lighter enjoyment – Consumers are looking for lighter ways to enjoy indulgent food and drink yet still have a high quality product with a good flavour profile such as light beers, slimline tonic and biscuit thins.

Positively processed – Manufacturing methods have become extremely important to consumers. Minimal and natural processing techniques are being used as key selling points for differentiation.

Going full circle – There is a growing expectation that companies should be more resource-smart with packaging to reduce waste by using biodegradable packaging and waste reduction strategies. Zero-waste supermarkets are on the rise and coffee shops are offering discounted prices when you bring in a reusable cup.

Beyond the coffeehouse – Coffee has benefited from a growth in popularity among millennial and generation Z consumers for its experimental flavours and applications. Tea is being positioned for its health benefits whilst still maintaining vibrant flavours consumers crave such as gingerbread green tea.

Say it with colour – There is an increasing number of new product launches centred on colourful food and beverages being driven through social media. Ingredients that naturally change the colour of food or alter the flavour are finding more applications such as drinks, bars, yoghurts, crisps.

Dining out, in – Restaurant quality meals are on the rise as consumers look for convenient food they can have at home, yet still be high quality. ‘Chef’s selection’ is being used more in brand names and product ranges for a premium positioning.

From snacks to mini meals – Single serve portions and convenience food are becoming more relevant to consumers who cook or eat by themselves. Vegetables previously seen as mini meal components are being eaten as snacks on the go such as carrot and hummus snack pots.

Ocean garden –Sea vegetables such as seaweed are also gaining traction as a healthy alternative snack and 1 in 2 UK consumers see fish as a meat alternative.

Bountiful choices – Consumer curiosity is driving innovation in traditional categories for example new flavours in spreads such as chocolate peanut butter or textures such as super crunchy.