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Cambridge Commodities Launches Phytofare® to the UK and Europe

We are excited to announce that Cambridge Commodities is the exclusive distributor of Plandaí Biotech’s Phytofare®, the only clinically proven green tea extract shown to be bioavailable. At 60-80%, Phytofare® is far higher than a generic green tea extract where bioavailability is believed to be between 1-10%. Phytofare® is cost effective as less ingredient is needed to obtain the same benefit. 

The green tea plants are grown sustainably on Plandaí’s 8,000 acre tea farm estate in South Africa. The farm land has a dam in the centre so it never runs out of water. The land is partly owned by the community and Plandaí employs 300 people from the local area.

James Stevens, Cambridge Commodities’ CEO said: “We are pleased to have been selected by Plandaí Biotech as their exclusive European distributor. Our knowledge of the health and sports nutrition sectors will allow us to present Phytofare® catechins to the most relevant brands throughout each territory.

Our product development team, working closely with Plandaí Biotech, have been creating unique formulas, blends and other interesting delivery formats for this powerful South African green tea extract which will re-ignite one of the most interesting ingredients in the industry.”

Green tea catechins are one of the most well researched and recognised phytochemicals however the flavonoids in green tea are often poorly absorbed. Plandaí has addressed this problem through the use of technology to enhance the absorption of bioactive compounds. The green tea leaves used by Plandaí are processed within an hour of picking and leave all eight green tea catechins compared to two found in generic green tea extracts.

Phytofare® is suitable for the sports nutrition, beauty, health and wellness and healthy ageing categories in the following formats:

  • Capsules

  • Tablets

  • Powder blends

  • Gels

  • Foods

Please contact us to discuss incorporating Phytofare® into your formulation.

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